This hook is called after a change has already occured in the world.

Callback function

The default name for the callback function is OnAreaChanged. It has the following signature:
function OnAreaChanged(a_AffectedAreaCuboid, a_Player, a_World, a_Operation)


Name Type Notes
AffectedArea cCuboid The area where a change has occured
Player cPlayer The player who caused the change to happen
World cWorld The world where the changed happened
Operation string The name of the operation. (for example superpickaxe, or paste)

If the plugin returns false or no value, WorldEdit will call other plugins' callbacks for this event. If a plugin returns true, no other callback is called for this event.

Code examples

Registering the callback

cPluginManager:CallPlugin("WorldEdit", "AddHook", "OnAreaChanged", "MyPluginName", "MyCallbackName");